Statistics & Probabilities Exam

Statistics & Probabilities Exam امتحانات مشروحة للاحصاء والاحتمالات 2018 – 2019 جامعات : المينا ، الفلاح ، ابوظبي ، العين الخاصة ، العلوم الحديثة ، كلية الامارات الخاصة

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What are the two main branches of Statistics? Consider the following time series. Time Yt Monthly incomes of highly experienced software programmers are normally distributed with the mean of AED 44000 and standard distribution of AED 8400. A marketing expert for a newly developed IT device wants to target the middle 60% of this category as their likely customers. what is the minimum salary of professionals of this category? For a medical study, a researcher wishes to select people in the middle 60% of the population based on blood pressure. If the mean systolic blood pressure is 120 and the standard deviation is 8, find the upper and lower readings that would qualify people to participate in the study. All of the stocks on the over the counter market are designated by either a 4 letter or a 5 letter code that is created by using the 26 letters of the alphabet. Which of the following gives the maximum number of different stocks that can be designated with these codes?
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